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Ruby #1 - Page #2

Ruby #1 – Page #2

Summary: Ruby come across a crime in progress.

Chaos Roll: 5 < 2 = Interrupted
I don't have a clue how to interrupted this – so I'm going to random a random event.
Random Event: 98 = NPC Action.
NPC: 1 = Onyx
Action Word: 38 = Inform
Subject Word: 80 = Art
Meaning: The police information Ruby on the Onyx crime of stealing art from City's World Art Gallery

=PAGE #2=

It's mid-day and despite the light snow covering the city in Christmas season snow, the sun was shining. Ruby was walking instead of her usual of burrow. As she walk by the World Art Galley, Ruby saw police officers talking

One of them said, “That was classic crime.”

Another one said, “She must have took lessons in the art of crime.”

Ruby asked, “What happen here?”

A tall bald fat man with black eye dressed in a plain blue blouse and blue jeans said, “Now Officer Bone and Officer House, I got all the information from the witness to Onyx's crime. Officer Bone take them back to the station, I go over witness information when I get back. Officer House, I want you to talk to Diamond and tell her that Onyx is back in time. Now, get going or I going to place you back on traffic patrol!!” He turns to see Ruby1, his eye sparking, “Well, I thought you might be on date with Saguaro, Ruby.”

Ruby laughed asked said, “So what's happen, Officer.....?

The plain-dressed police said, “...Sgt. Noah Body, in charge of police's department's Super-Villain Crime Section. It's seems Onyx wasn't kill when she fall off that cliff while battle All-American Girl six months – but this crime puzzle me. Here's what went down as far as we know: A armor car smashed into the roof. A police car followed – which forced all people out of the building. The armor car and police car drove out and around to the back. Then Onyx, the Machine Mistress, transported all the artwork from the building, while she was being guarded by her henchman.”

Ruby asked, “Well, mine if I take a whack?”

Sgt. Noah Body said, “I don't care if you use a lawn mower. The cars used in the crime are still in the back. ”

=P2: END=

Chaos Up: 6

NPC: Added the police, Officer Bone and Officer House, Sgt. Noah Body, Onyx's henchman

Threads: None.

Link to NPCs: ICONS: RUBY #1's NPCs.

1MYTHIC: Does the police officer know about Ruby? Mythic View: 50/50. My View: 47. Yes.

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