Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ruby #1 - Page #7

RUBY #1 – PAGE #7

Page #8: Ruby confronts Onyx.

Chaos: 4 > 2 = Interrupted. I do a random event.
Random Event Roll: 40 = PC+
Action Word: 13 = Decrease
Subject Word: 80 = Weapon
Phrase: “Decrease of Weapon”
Meaning: Somehow, using near by green house, she is able to buy past the guards. This is going to from Onyx's point of view

=Page #7=

Onyx was looking at the city's map. There was a lot of green markings standing for her hired henchman, but the red in the greenhouse was making her noise. Only one person won't behind being in the greenhouse on guard duty....Betty Blood.

Onyx turned looked at a list of cameras she could heck into. They were none in the greenhouse. Then she remembered, that was The Troll battled All-American Girl. The owners were able to get their greenhouse repaired by the superheroes but they didn't have enough money or superheroes to repair the cameras. The close camera was outside a pawn ship near by and that means she will be able all the weapon-carrying hired henchman.

Onyx turned to see a thin green planet with red leaves standing in for hair exit the greenhouse. The computer spoken the following: “Superhero Alert: Ruby”

Onyx smirked, “This is going to very interesting.”

=P7: END=

Chaos: No changes.

Add: Nothing

Threads: Nothing

Links to NPCs/Threads: Ruby #1's NPC/Threads.

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