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Ruby #1 - Page #4

RUBY #1 – PAGE #4

Page #4: Ruby does one of the threads I mention after Page 3 was done.

Question #1: Is it thread 1?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 32. Yes.

Question #2: Does she finds out more about the jewel necklace?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 26. Yes.

Question #3: Is the information from a normal?
My View: Unlikely
Mythic View: 68. Nope.

Question #4: Is the information from a super-being?
My View: Most Likely.
Mythic View: 4. Exceptional Yes.

Question #5: I'm sure it's not a trained hero, transformed hero, or gimmick hero. So it is artificial hero? My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 66. No. To high for a random event.

Question #6: It is a birthright hero?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 75. No. So it's a unearthly hero. I think I bring in Mergel in – which I had roll up on a “Let's Play” over in TV Tropes's Live Blogging sector. Here's Mergel's full stats:

Name: Mergel
Origin: Unearthly
    • Prowess: 3
    • Coordination: 5
    • Strength: 6
    • Intellect: 3
    • Awareness: 4
    • Willpower: 6
    • Supersenses (Extended): 5
    • Leadership
    • Underwater Combat
Stamina: 12
Background: "On our earth, the first fish to see land lost his tails but gained arms and legs. On one Earth, the fish didn't lost his tail – leading almost every humaniod here having a tail – similar to how we view mermaid. While the monkeys are still in the pre-stone age – the mermaids were in medieval type of period. When, we were dealing with World War II, he mermaids of this world were in their Information Age. Now that we are in the Information Age, the world of the mermaid were in the Far Future age. The Mermaid Council picked Kingi Gakin as their hero. He promised to be on his best behavior. Surprising, after Kingi Gakin's Earth arrival – a twin storm on both Earth and their Earth damaged their H.E.V.W (Humanoid Earth Villain Watch) computer. Their janitor, Tinara Jorin thought Kingi wasn't behaving as he promised– and bugged them to fix the computer. The Mermaid Council didn't believe her. So he send a few months repairing the computer. Surprising, he turned it on – she saw Kingi Gakin fighting against other heroes. She sent the videos to the member of the Mermaid Council – who were shocked. She volunteered to head to our Earth and make sure to punish Kingi for his rotten behavior. The Mermaid Council agreed. On arrival, Tinara was arrested by a hot head police officer. Soon after, the Police Commissioner free her – as she wasn't the mer-creature that police ready wanted. They wanted Mermonster – a.k.a Kingi Gakin. Tinara had decide to become Mergel (Combination of the word of Mermaid + Angel) to fight against any evil that threats the Earth. The police – even the officer that was hot head approve of it."
Appearance: "Tinara/Mergel appears a long blonde hair and blue eye mermaid with a long green tail dressed in a long white blouse."
Determination: 3
    • Epithet: Mermaid Warrior
    • Contacts: The Mermaid Council
    • Enemy: Mermonster
    • Physical Flaw: No legs

Page #4: Ruby gets her information on the magic pearl necklace from Mergel.

Chaos Roll: 5 < 8 = Normal

=Page #4=

Mergel was swimming in the lake. The park was fill with people – only a few where waking Mergel – but those were tots compare the rest of the people in the park.

Mergel asked, “Hey,, Ruby, what can I do for you?”

Ruby answered as she show Mergel the magic pearl necklace with two pearls missing “Onyx pull a crime recently, I found this in the armor truck used for a crime.”

Mergel look at it and said, “Sorry, but I never saw that kind of pearl before.” 1

Ruby said, “So I reach a dead end?”

Mergel said, “I'm think so.”

Ruby said, “I try another path.”

Mergel said, “Good luck!”

Ruby added, “....I'm going to need it.”

=P4: END=

Choas: Up to 6.

NPCs Added: Mergel

Threads: Remove “necklace” thread.

Link to NPCs: ICONS: RUBY #1's NPCs.

1ICONS: Intellect Check. Must beat a 6. 3 – 4 = -1. Failure.

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