Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Surprize: "Ultra Dare" presents "Christmas Chaos: Reindeer Snots Vs Cookie Crumbs"

The following is another Christmas theme story using "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2". This time -- it's my homage to "Double Dare", "Ultra Dare". Yes, the live-action messy kid game show. Have fun!



Steve: On your mark, Get Set, and Go!

(We see one member of each kid team tossing cherries and chocolate chips peaces to their team mate on the other side of the stage.)

Thomas: These two teams are making chocolate cherry ice cream. The first team to toss four cherries and four chocolate pieces and dump milk on themselves will “Ho Ho Ho!” in the lead with $10 dollars on the only show that suits wish they had coal in their stockings: Ultra Dare!”
(The blue team member dumps milk on herself.)

Steve: We got a winner: the Blue Team. Now let's go play some Ultra Dare.

Thomas: And here some the Master of the Mess, Steve Slyme.

Steve: Thanks, Thomas Talk. Do you know where Santa is at?”

(Pan to Thomas dresses up as Santa Claus)

Thomas: (jokingly) I still got a lot of gift making to do, but don't worry, Santa will come whether it's high water or a blizzard.

(Pan back to Steve who's at his Ultra Dare host platform.)

Steve: Welcome to a special episode, the network suit called “Christmas Chaos”: We got two teams to meet. Our first team is dress is blue and they call themselves the “Reindeer Snot”. They are Jessica and James. Jessica has a weakness that reminds me of Santa Claus: what is it?

Jessica: I never meet a cookie I didn't like.

Steve: James wants to a host show. What's show is that.

James: Ultra Dare.

(The audience laugh out loud.)

Steve: The “Reindeer Snots” had $10 for winning the first round toss-up. Now, we going over to our team dressed in red which is called “Cookie Crumbs” – Carol and Trent Carol, you have a weird event from last year's Christmas season – what was it.”

Carol: I played Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in a school play. During opening night, the person who played Santa Claus knocked the fake red nose off me. When Santa Claus got around to asking Rudolph to glide his sleigh, I replied, “As soon I catch my nose, it's running away.”

(The audience laugh out loud.)

Steve: Ho Ho Ho! Looks like the audience is a jolly mood today. Speaking of weird things, Trent. You meet Santa Claus in your own house last Christmas season.

Trent: That's right. I was sick around Christmas season. On Christmas Eve, I sleep from 6:00 PM to 11:59 PM. On awaking, Santa Claus dressed up in his usual red outfit. He said, “Your mother left the front door open for me.” I fell back to sleep thinking meeting Santa was dream but it turn out it was real when I saw the note from Santa when I woke up on Christmas morning....

Steve: Nice story. You don't have any money on the door, but that could change any moment. Here's how we play Ultra Dare: I'm going to ask you a question for 10 dollars. If you don't know – you dare the other team – but beware they can Ultra Dare you back – then you either had the answer the question or take a physical challenge. When you heard this (instead of the regular buzz a spooky voice says “I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come”. The “Reindeer Snots” have control of this $10 dollar question: Where does Santa Claus live?

Jessica: The North Pole.

Steve: Correct! What do you call Santa's workshop helpers?

James: Elves.

Steve: Correct!

Steve: Who is the first ghost to visit Ebeneezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”?

James: Dare.

Steve: Chance for you to get into the game, Cookie Crumbs”: Who is the first ghost to visit Ebeneezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”

James: Jacob Malory.

Steve: Correct. You on the board. You can tie the game up. Who hosted the Franklin/Bass special, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”?

Trent: Sam the Snowman.

Steve: Correct. This Christmas cult classic movie was a failure at the box office, but it become a holiday favorite on television. Name the movie?

Carol: Dare

Steve: You can take some cash and control if you can answer the question: This Christmas cult classic movie was a failure at the box office, but it become a holiday favorite on television. Name the movie?

James: Ultra Dare.

Steve: Even you can answer the question or take the physical challenge.

Carol: Physical challenge!

Steve: Ok. The answer we looking for is “It's a Wonderful Life.” Let's get messy. We call this one, “Snowball Fright”. Carol, go see Dove, Trent go see Biff.

(Two crew members pull in a bar with nine reindeers toys on it.) Steve walks to Trent and Biff. Trent is holding a bar.

Steve: As you see the goal is to knock down four of the nine reindeers here. How are you going to knock them down? With frozen vanilla puddling. If you two can knock four out of the nine reindeers in 20 seconds – you earn 40 bucks for yourselves. On your mark, get set, go!

(The Cookie Crumbs – Carol and Trent – start throwing the frozen vanilla puddling at the reindeers toys – knock them all done before the five second mark.)

Steve: Nice work! We will be right back after this commercial break with more of round #1.


Steve: Ok. We are still in round #1. Mental Note to myself: Do not get into a Sword ball fight with the Cookie Crumbs – as they give Rudolph and his pal a snowball fright worry of Nick Nightmare. THAT earn them $70 and they get this question: What is the animal is mention at the start of Twas The Night Before Christmas?”

Trent: A muse.

Steve: Correct. Name the ill boy from “A Christmas Carol.”

Carol: Tiny Tim.

Steve: Correct. Black Friday is takes place after this holiday – name the holiday.

Carol: Dare.

Steve: You can get to catch up, Reindeer Snots,if you can the question: Black Friday is takes place after this holiday – name the holiday.

Jessie: Ultra Dare.

Steve: Answer the question or take the physical challenge.

Trent: Thanksgiving.

Steve: Nice move. You are correct.

Voice: “I Am The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come!”

Steve: That means Round #1 is done. It's 140 to 30 in favorite of the Cookie Crumbs – but the point are double in Round #2 – so it can anyone's game.


Steve: Welcome back. The Cookie Crumbs' are leading with 140 to the Reindeer Snots' 30. But the point double are in Round #2 – 20 for a question, 40 on a Dare, and 80 for a Ultra Dare or Physical challenge. When you heard this....

Voice: “I Am The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come!”

Steve: That means the game is over!

(Walks over to Dove's side of the stage to see a two eight platters plate hook to a pole in to look like a pair of un-ornament-ed in the form of a Christmas and James and Trent of the teams ) As you can see we have a plastic Christmas tree here, but aren't any ornaments on the tree. That's going to change soon.

(Walks over to Biff's side of the stage to see Jessica and Carol standing near a top of red and green slime-covered Christmas ornaments.)

Steve: We have the ornaments – since since this Ultra Dare, we like slime – we make sure to cover the ornaments in a red and green slime. When I said “Go”, you two will grab a ornament and toss to their teammate who must catch them in the air and then place them on the tree. The first person to get eight Christmas ornaments on the Christmas gets $20 bucks and control of Round #2. Good luck to both of you. On you mark, get set, go! (The kids start to work on the stunt. Things go slowly for a while but soon Carol starts tossing two at team – and Trent catching them. Soon, the Cookie Crumbs has eight slime-covered ornaments on their Christmas.) We have a winner, it's the Cookie Crumbs. You get the $20 dollars. Let's play Round #2.

(Everyone returns to their locations: Steve Slyme to his host platform, the Reindeer Snots to the blue team's platform, and the Cookie Crumb to the red team's platform.)

Steve: Answer this question: Mt. Crumpet, the
home of The Grinch, is near what fictional town?

Carol: Dare

Steve: You catch up with this question, Reindeer Snots: Mt. Crumpet, the home of The Grinch, is near what fictional town?

Jessica: Whoville?

Steve: Correct. You stolen money and the questions – and here's your next one: What fictional creature is the Bumble from “Rudolph, Red Nose Reindeer” TV special is based on?

James: The Yeti?

Steve: We take that. Here's your next question? What is Christmas call in the “Star Wars” galaxy?

James: Dare.

Steve: Cookie Crumbs, you can steal money and control if you answer this question: What is Christmas call in the “Star Wars” galaxy?

Carol: Ultra Dare.

Steve: Either you can answer the question or take the $80 physical challenge.

Jessica: Physical challenge!

Steve: The answer is “Life Day”. So Reindeer Snots, come on down – we got a physical challenge. (The Reindeer Snots comes down to the physical challenge area.) I got a question, what do your parents drink around the holiday?

Jessica: Root beer.

James: Diet soft drink.

Steve: Well, we thinking more of an alcohol base: wine.

(Dove pushes out a aquarium with a hose attach. The aquarium is fill with purple balloons.)

Steve: Jessica take a sit down. (Dove puts a plastic cup on Jessica head. Dove hands two fake legs to James.) This purple balloons are fill with grape juice. Jessica use those fake legs to crush the balloon to unleash the grape juice which will flow though those hose and into the cup that James's plastic cup. If you can fill the plastic cup past the red line in 30 second, you will be only 40 dollars behind the Cookie Crumbs. On you mark, get set, go!

(Jessica uses the fake legs to squash the balloons, trying to get as much juice as she can before time is up)

Steve: Time up. (Check as Steve the cup. It's not even near the red line – though they is few holes in the hose.) That means the #80 dollars go to the other team! Let's go play some more Ultra Dare.

Voice: “I Am The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come!”

Steve: (blinks). It's the end of the game. And with $240 – that would the usually allows Carol and Trent, the Cookie Crumbs to run the Ultra Dare Obstacle by themselves – but this is the season of giving – I'm going to allow the Reindeer Snots to go to.

Biff: (Voice) Don't go away, the Christmas theme Ultra-Dare Obstacle Course is coming your way next.


Steve: Ok. Welcome back to Ultra Dare. The up-front game was won by the Cookie Crumbs, but I decide to allow the Reindeer Snots to join us – Christmas time is the time of giving. The Snots and Crumbs were talking during the commercial break – the Reindeer Snots –Jessica and James will do the first four obstacles on the course follow by the Cookie Crumbs – Carol and Trent – doing the following four obstacles.

(A five members of the crew. Four of them are pushing a platform with a fake cream cookie sandwich. The fifth member is placing a pole with a number 1 sign on it and a card slot that reads: “Cookie Time”)

Steve: Obstacle #1 today is Cookie Time. Somewhere in that cream filling is a flag. Find it and win this.

Biff: (V.O.) Enjoy records from all of your favorite singers and band from USA Records.

(Steve and the Reindeer Snots are standing by a mail box with a pole with the number #2 and a card slot that reads Santa's Mailbox.

Steve: As you know Santa gets a lot of letters from kids this years. This our version of his Mailbox – open up the door and slide down, don't forget to stand up and grab the flag – to win this.

Biff (V.O.): Battle Games is allowing you to join in their world of Greenskill with a “Castle & Caverns” box set.

(Steve and the gang is at Obstacle #3 – which is a familiar obstacle – Ice Slide – but it's the card slot as “Turkey Slide.”) Climb up the slide – here's a tip – place your leg on the side not in the cranberry and stuffing mess on the slide – you have some time getting up there – (pan to the platform), climb up to the platform, and slide down into this giant turkey (pan to the foam turkey cover in mash potatoes and ) Stand up a grab the flag to win this.

Biff: (V.O.) You win the entire Guardians of Iconia and the Blackskull Empire – in “Warriors of The Cosmos” action figure form– from Grabbo Toys.

(Steve and the Reindeer Snots are standing outside another obstacle. This ob scale has 4 on it's number sign and it's card: “Elf Stuffed Toying Testing Room”)

Steve: After getting the pasting flag from Turkey Slide, one of you, will enter the Elf Stuffed Toying Testing Room, and walk though the room fill with stuffed toys – grab the flag that hanging here, walk out the other hand and past to one of your ex-competitors to win a Yot gift – as Tiny the Hippo is one of the toy in the toy testing room....

Biff: (V.O.) Right on the nose, Steve. . It's $400 dollar give gift certificate to Yot Store – where you can find any toy – from bikes to the latest video game.

(Steve and the Cookie Crumbs are standing before Obstacle Number #5 – a old big chest truck The card on the pole under the number #5 reads: “Gift Hunt)

Steve: One you will get a flag from one of the Reindeer Snot and head to Obstacle Number #5 – Gift Hunt. Open up to find your gift – one of our famous orange flags and you win this.....

Biff: (V.O.) From “Sport Times”, a collection of sport games from tennis to football.

(Steve and the Cookie Crumbs are now standing by sleigh. The number sign reveal is this Obstacle number 6. while the card slot reveals the name to be “Santa's Sleigh”.)

Steve: (Walking as he's talking Number #6 today is “Santa's Sleigh”. Crawl under the large sleigh to the other side, stand up and grab the flag to win this

Biff: From Zony, watch your “Ultra Dare”, on your new color television set!

(Steve and the Cookie Crumb are standing by a small garden in a north pole. This pole's card slot reveals it's North Pole Garden and number slot reveals to number #7)

Steve: Old Christmas joke. Why does Santa Claus has three gardens: So he can “Ho Ho Ho!” Well, we have a ice garden based on what that garden might. Hidden somewhere in that garden is a flag. To win this!

Biff: (V.O.) From Zazina, you can tape “Ultra Dare” to watch it later with the Z-400 VHS Recorder.

(Steve is standing by a familiar Ultra Dare mouth – which is usually call “Donald Dare” but today it call Santa's Tummy.)

Steve: Our last obstacle today is Santa's Tummy. (Opening up the mouth) Do this, and go down (looks down to see a white gak, jumbo marshmallows , and chocolate chip pieces) the mess of what ever cookie Santa been eating – and end up down there, stand up and grab the flag to win this!

Biff: (V.O.) a trip to Walt Disney World. You get a 6 day stay at the Jason Howards Inn with Disney World and Escort right at your doorstop.

(Steve is back with the Reindeer Snots at start of the Obstacle)

Steve: Who's starting us off?

James: I am!

Steve: Ok. On your mark, get set, and go! (Does the following as the kids run the obstacle course) He really digging into that cookie. It's past the 55 second marking and had yet to find the flag. Oh, he found just as I was making my last remark at the 50 second marking. Looks like Jessica open up the Santa's Mailbox and dive right in the Mailbox, a little dangerous stand-up but she got the flag and passed to James. James quickly climb up the up- slide by putting his foot into the slide's railings, up the ladder to the top of the platform and he goes down. Standing up in the turkey mess, he grapes the flag for this obstacle, and passes the flag to Jessica. Jessica rushes to the Elf Stuffed Toy Testing Room, get past the stuff animals to get a flag and rushes outside to meet one of her ex-competitor – it's seems to be Trent! Trent grabs the flag. We at the half-way point of both time and the course as Trent hits “Gift Hunt” he tosses out all the clothing and items in the truck to find the orange flag and he founds it in 7 seconds. He passes to Carol, who crawls like a baby on a sugar rush and crabs the flag and passes to Trent who is now heading to “North Pole Garden”. Trent quickly dig up the flag and passes it to Carol. Carol opens the mouth on “Santa's Tummy” and dive head first into it, sliding down like she was a piece of a candy cane, and she standing up, she's grabbing the flag – she got it with five seconds left on the clock! What a Christmas present for the fans! A epic run! Biff, tell what audience what they won!

Biff: The Reindeer Snots and Cookie Crumbs win it all: the records, the Castle and Cavern box set, the action figures, the Yot Store Gift Card, the sport package, the TV set, the VCR, and the Walt Disney trip.

Steve: We be messing with you again real soon on another “Ultra Dare!”


So what do you think sir and madams?

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