Monday, December 5, 2011

Ruby #1 - Page #3

Ruby #1 – Page #3

Page #3: Ruby checks the cars for clues.

Chaos: 6 > 5: Altered. Jessica Elfstone is present.

=Page 3:

As she approached the armored car and police car used in Onyx, Ruby spot some one familiar to her face, Jessica Elfstone. The college age kid was dressed in a yellow sweater, blue jeans, and white boots.
Ruby smirked “Jessica, that sweater matches your hair.”

Jessica rub her blonde hair with her left hand as said, “Thanks.” Jessica paused, “So Ruby, what's flourishing?

Ruby said,”Onyx has crawled out what ever rock she been hiding under. I come here to check the cars used in the crime.”

Ruby decided to search the armor car for clues and she found four possible clues. 1 The first possible clue was a old magic wizard's transporting pearl necklace with two of it's pearls missing. 2 The second possible clue was a letter from a powerful Los Angeles gangster telling his kid to leave Los Angeles for ever.3 The third possible clue was a blood soaked letter from the Black Hoods, a well-known crime originals going back to the time of the Roman empire. 4 The final possible clue was a scholarship with
the words: “Not Renew: On Prior Issues”.5

Jessica whistled, “That's a carload of possible clues.”

Ruby nodded as she said, “Well, I got a lot to go. We need to pick one clue and see if one of them leads to Onyx.”

Jessica added, ”Or you patrol until you find another Onyx crime in progress.”

Ruby said, “That's a good one, sidekick.”

Jessica's face blushed as red as her iris in her eyes.

=P3: END=

Choas down to 5.

NPC: No updates

Threads: Add the following:

  1. See if the magic pearl necklace leads anywhere.
  2. See if the Los Angles gangster's letter leads anywhere.
  3. See if the Black Hoods' letter leads anywhere
  4. See if the university's letter leads anyway
  5. Patrol for another Onyx's crime


1ICONS: Ruby is using intellect to search the armor car. 5 – 4 = 9. Major Success.
2MYTHIC: What was clue possible number #1? My View: Complex Question. Rolls: 69 & 89. Phrase: “Ruins Of Portals” – A old magic transporting jewel for wizards in ancient time, and it's missing two of it's orbs
3MYTHICL What was clue possible number #2? My View: Complex Question. Rolls: 18 & 87. Phrase: “Move Of Magic.” Re-Roll: 55 & 97. Phrase = “Disrupt Of Leadership”. A letter telling from a powerful gangster in Los Angels to tell his annoying kid to leave town ever.
4MYTHIC: Clue #3 – What was it. My View: Complex Question. Rolls: 65 & 69. Phrase: “Attach of Wounds” – A blood soak letter from the Black Hoods.
5MYTHIC: What is the final possible clue: My View: Complex Question. Rolls: 85 & 36. Phrase: “Negligence Of Bureaucracy.” – A university bill with the words, “review of issue.” If Ruby goes to check this one out – she come across “Smith”

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